Ethical Aspects

What is FSR

The number of stroke patients is increasing with the aging society. We need more effective preventive therapy against stroke and more powerful post-stroke therapy. However, data concerning epidemiology, clinical outcome and prognosis of stroke patients are currently insufficient. Urgent establishment of evidence-based medicine (EBM) for stroke is therefore required.

We have established a multicenter registry system of acute stroke patients, the Fukuoka Stroke Registry (FSR). This database consists of the clinical data about the stroke patients who were admitted to one of the 7 stroke centers in Fukuoka, Japan within 7 days after attack. These participating medical centers are equipped with stroke care unit and able to provide the best medical services currently available for stroke. The patients were diagnosed based on the standardized diagnostic criteria and underwent optimal treatment. We investigate who is prone to stroke, how the patients are treated, how the treatment improves the symptoms or imposes residual deficits and how the patients live after stroke in long term. This database enables us to clarify the pathogenesis, clinical courses, outcomes and prognosis of stroke. Our goal is to reduce the stroke occurrence and improve ADL and QOL of patients suffering from stroke by using the results of our research, FSR.